Holiday Fraud, Please be aware!

Beware of fraud such as listed below, remembering, any legitimate company will contact you via mail.

Here are some other companies or entities that won’t tell you your account is overdue and the police are on the way, and do not accept gift cards:

Potomac Edison

Washington Gas

I.T. Specialist calling about your computer

Foreign Governments calling about your friend or relative that got arrested while traveling overseas

Your friend or relative that is having their lawyer call because they were in an accident, got a DUI, and injured someone else or damaged government property while traveling.

These companies are also good at planning for the holidays, and WILL NEVER call you up telling you that you need to take action immediately or you will be going to jail.  Anything else is fraud.


Folks, to help cut down on mailings coming to your residences, use the following –

This helps to reduce the amount of preapproved and prescreened mailings and the constant threat of someone or persons digging through your trash and recycle receptacles and retrieving your information. They call pretending to be you after they -pulled data from social media/websites/court databases. etc- data such as your birthdate and other public information in help verifying who you are- to open accounts and or lines of credit in your name.

While this easy process alone is not enough, continue to monitor your credit reports and online or paper bank statements. Be aware of what items are thrown away in your home trash and recycle bins. Shredding is another anti-theft deterrent.

No one is going to monitor your information for you…..


Wells Fargo Unit Collected $125M in fraudulent accounts

Months ago, CEO John Stumpf praised the executive in hot water as “a standard-bearer” for the bank.

Wells Fargo & Co’s WFC -3.28% “sandbagger”-in-chief is leaving the giant bank with an enormous pay day—$124.6 million.

In fact, despite beefed-up “clawback” provisions instituted by the bank shortly after the financial crisis, and the recent revelations of massive misconduct, it does not appear thatWells Fargo is requiring Carrie Tolstedt, the Wells Fargo executive who was in charge of the unit where employees opened more than 2 million largely unauthorized customer accounts—a seemingly routine practice that employees internally referred to as “sandbagging”—to give back any of her nine-figure pay.

On Thursday, Wells Fargo WFC -3.28% agreed to pay $185 million, including the largest penalty ever imposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to settle claims that that it defrauded its customers. The bank’s shareholders will ultimately have to swallow the cost of that settlement. The bank also said it had fired 5,300 employees over five years related to the bad behavior.

Tolstedt, however, is walking away from Wells Fargo with a very full bank account—and praise. In the July announcement of her exit, which made no mention of the soon-to-be-settled case, Wells Fargo’s CEO John Stumpf said Tolstedt had been one of the bank’s most important leaders and “a standard-bearer of our culture” and “a champion for our customers.”

On Thursday, Richard Cordray, the head of the CFPB, had a different take, “It is quite clear that [the actions of Tolstedt’s unit] are unfair and abusive practices under federal law,” said Cordray. “They are a violation of trust and an abuse of trust.”

More from the article here:

Wells Fargo Exec Who Headed Phony Accounts Unit Collected $125 Million


Time to Create Your Social Security Account!


If you have already done so, then great! But for those who have not, it is TIME!

Time to create your Social Security Administration (SSA) account to review your benefits. You should create one, before the hackers and fraudsters create one for you! If you do not have internet access, please visit your local SSA office. Tech savvy folks help your family members and friends who may find the computer challenging…Give ’em a hand and help them…


FBI Releases New Version of Child ID App

FBI Releases New Version of Child ID App

Child ID App LogoThe FBI today is announcing a reboot of its popular Child ID App, which provides parents with an easy way to electronically store their children’s pictures and vital information to have on hand in case their kids go missing.

The application, which works on most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, allows users to store up-to-date images and physical descriptions—like height, weight, birthmarks, etc.—that could help responders in the event of an emergency. The information is stored only on your device—not with your mobile provider or the FBI.

The latest version of the Child ID App contains updated features, including high-resolution image capability, a default recipient field (where you can enter your local police department’s e-mail address, for example), and optional automatic reminders to update your children’s profiles.

Current users of the Child ID App are encouraged to download the latest version for improved performance and capabilities. Please note that if you had been using an older version of the app (prior to 2.0), you will need to re-enter all relevant information after installing the update.

The app has been downloaded more than 250,000 times since it was released, first on iTunes in 2011 and then for the Android operating system in 2012. The current version, released in April, has been downloaded more than 50,000 times onto devices around the world.

The Child ID App also includes tips on keeping children safe as well as specific guidance on what to do in those first few crucial hours after a child goes missing.