Folks, to help cut down on mailings coming to your residences, use the following OptOutPrescreen.com – https://www.optoutprescreen.com/opt_form.cgi

This helps to reduce the amount of preapproved and prescreened mailings and the constant threat of someone or persons digging through your trash and recycle receptacles and retrieving your information. They call pretending to be you after they -pulled data from social media/websites/court databases. etc- data such as your birthdate and other public information in help verifying who you are- to open accounts and or lines of credit in your name.

While this easy process alone is not enough, continue to monitor your credit reports and online or paper bank statements. Be aware of what items are thrown away in your home trash and recycle bins. Shredding is another anti-theft deterrent.

No one is going to monitor your information for you…..


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