Food Stamp Fraud Gets 30 People Arrested, More Could Be Coming! [PICS]

Fraud Exists People!

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30 people have been arrested in a huge case of food stamp fraud and cops say that more arrests could be coming! See what they got busted doing with their EBT cards… reports that the arrests “are a result of a yearlong investigation” into a store in New York where people were using their food stamp cards in a way that was “against the law.” The man who owned the store was also arrested in connection with the fraud.

The article says that the store allowed people to buy alcohol (and other items that are not allowed to be bought with food stamps) and they got cash for their food stamps!

The people were reportedly charged with “second degree criminal use of a public benefit card, petit [sic] larceny, and misuse of food stamps.” While they received an “appearance ticket” to appear in court, almost all of them were released (except…

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What internal control weakness at Netflix allowed its former VP of IT operations to allegedly receive kickbacks from technology firms?

Accounting in the Headlines

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In November 24, 2014, Netflix filed a lawsuit against its former vice president of IT operations, Mike Kail, alleging fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, and other charges.  Here is an excerpt from the lawsuit filing in  Superior Court of the State of California, Santa Clara County:.

“…During his tenure at Netflix, including as Netflix’s Vice President of Information Technology Operations, Kail was a trusted senior-level Netflix employee.  Kail’s job responsibilities at Netflix included negotiating and executing contracts on behalf of Netflix to acquire IT-related products and services…approving invoices for payments that third parties would request related to IT products and services purchased by Netflix….after Kail approved such invoices, Netflix would pay the third parties for these approved invoices. Kail was a trusted, senior-level Netflix employee, with authority to enter into appropriate contracts and approve appropriate invoices.” (See entire legal document at

Netflix is suing Mr…

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