– Here To Help You Fight Funeral Related Scams

Even in death one must protect themselves. Leave it to your loved ones to ensure no one uses your identity! Reviews & Info

We may be a new company, but at we want to be here to help our customers in any way we can. This means that won’t simply provide you with a death record report and then disappear. We are going to have your back. Which is why, from time to time, is going to give you helpful advice about how to avoid scams related to the death and funeral industries.

It’s sad to say that when people are in mourning after a loved one has passed away, they are extremely vulnerable – and this is like bait to a certain type of scam artist. But if you know how these scam artists work, you can avoid becoming one of their victims during this delicate time in your life.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll outline these scams to give you a heads up. Today, we…

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