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Even in death one must protect themselves. Leave it to your loved ones to ensure no one uses your identity! Reviews & Info

We may be a new company, but at we want to be here to help our customers in any way we can. This means that won’t simply provide you with a death record report and then disappear. We are going to have your back. Which is why, from time to time, is going to give you helpful advice about how to avoid scams related to the death and funeral industries.

It’s sad to say that when people are in mourning after a loved one has passed away, they are extremely vulnerable – and this is like bait to a certain type of scam artist. But if you know how these scam artists work, you can avoid becoming one of their victims during this delicate time in your life.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll outline these scams to give you a heads up. Today, we…

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Former Cook Co. Official Sentenced In Federal Prison

A simple kick back fraud scheme, cronyism is very alive and thriving!

CBS St. Louis

CHICAGO (AP) – A former Cook County official has been sentenced to just over four years in federal prison for steering no-bid contracts to acquaintances and reaping thousands of dollars in kickbacks.

A U.S. district judge in Chicago imposed the punishment for Eugene Mullins Friday. In a trial last year, jurors found the one-time director of communications for former Cook County President Todd Stroger guilty of wire fraud and accepting kickbacks.

The contracts were worth less than $25,000 and involved promoting awareness of various issues, including the 2010 U.S. Census. Prosecutors say Mullins pocketed nearly $35,000 in kickbacks.

The defense maintained there was no fraud connected to the contracts.

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Don’t Be a Money Mule

Question all let nothing leave you wondering…

Members 1st FCU


Money Mules are people who are used to launder stolen money or some type of merchandise. Criminals may even recruit money mules to use stolen credit cards or other information. Individuals being used as money mules may be willing participants or unknowingly be used to commit fraud. We have seen our members become involved in these scams, which potentially cause a loss to them, Members 1st, or a victim at another credit union or bank.

The most popular scam method is disguised as a “work from home” opportunity, which targets unsuspecting people interested in jobs with convenience and flexibility. Recruiting may occur through the mail or online by what only appears to be a legitimate website or advertisement. The fraudulent company will collect personal data from you such as your social security number and information on your credit union account. You may be asked to sign a seemingly official contract…

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Man Gets 5 Years For $30M NASA Fraud Scheme With Arlington Company


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A Florida man was sentenced to five years in prison Friday for his role in a $30 million fraud and bribery scheme that duped NASA into awarding contracts that should have gone to minority-owned businesses.

Michael Dunkel, 60, of Merritt Island, Fla., falsely claimed he was an employee of an Arlington, Va.-based company that received preferences on security-related contracts through a federal set-aside program.

In reality, Dunkel paid a kickback to the Arlington company so it would pass the work on to him.

As it turned out, the company that Dunkel used as a front wasn’t eligible for contract preferences, either. That company used a woman of Portuguese descent as a figurehead CEO to claim status as a disadvantaged small business.

Dunkel is the eighth person convicted in the scheme.

The five-year term imposed at Friday’s sentencing hearing was slightly less than the seven years sought by…

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