Using Securitization Audits As An Effective Tool For Foreclosure Defense

By now, most homeowners in foreclosure proceedings were suddenly realizing that most loans originated in between 2000 and 2010 were securitized without the borrower’s knowledge. This means the lenders pooled the mortgage with thousands of others and sold these pooled loans to investors immediately or very shortly after loan origination. They were paid in full but retained loan “servicing”, the day to day loan administration operations, for which they now received between $25 and $45 per year for each $1,000 of loan value. This may have been on top of a profit in the sale. On a $400,000 loan the servicer’s financial interest is now only $10,000, not the $400,000 they are trying to foreclose on.

What’s more, in the process of investors purchasing the loan, the originating lender had to guarantee that all transfers were as laid out in pooling and servicing agreements which are on file with…

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