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Digital media is the key to an old fashioned fraud scheme…Remember when cash ruled? Maybe we need to revisit paying for cash..At the pump your gas is usually 10 cents cheaper..!

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Card frauds are on the rise. Find out how to keep your plastic money safe and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.

Who is your greatest financial foe? The corrupt agent, the con artist or a complacent you? Surprised to see yourself in the list? Don’t be. The truth is that sometimes our own ignorance or negligence leaves a door ajar to our financial lives, an opportunity that a hacker or fraudster is lying in wait to get through to raid us. One of the most susceptible instruments is credit cards and the way we use them.

We flaunt them in the open, swipe them on sundry shopping portals and post personal details as status messages on social networks. If you’re wearing a sceptical expression after reading the last one, wipe it away. Hackers can use personal data to impersonate you at a bank or…

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