‘Grandparent scam’ continues to bilk savings of seniors across Canada and U.S.

Hi Friends! People have no shame!
Fraudsters pretending they are the grandchildren duping seniors out of their money!!


The scam begins innocently enough. “Hi, grandma,” the voice on the other end might say.

Those who fall for it could be out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars within hours.

Though the “grandparent scam” has been around for years, seniors continue to get duped into sending money to people purporting to be their grandchildren in dire straits. It’s prompted a slew of warnings in recent months from Canadian police.

American officials have gone so far as to single out Quebec as a major source of the phone scams, warning people on a U.S. government website to be wary of calls coming from the province.

Just this week, a Montreal man pleaded guilty in Los Angeles to his involvement in a Quebec-based “boiler room” operation that prosecutors say victimized more than 250 people in Southern California and netted as much as a million dollars.

“They’re nasty, ruthless people,” said Daniel Williams…

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