Ponzi Scheme Worth $8.6M by Canadian Pastor and Wife


Once again but this time in Toronto, Canada, a congregation was defrauded by their pastor and his wife by a Ponzi Scheme. Mr. Marlon Gary Hibbert age 49 and wife Verna, 48 are accused along with their administrative clerk, Lorraine Bahlmann, 47, of requiring their congregation members to make a minimum investment of $10K on the promise of earning monthly returns through foreign currency exchange trading of up to 8.5%. Ponzi schemes are created because earlier investors are awarded their “fake earnings” from investors who joined at a later point in the investment process. Money was never earned in this trading scheme. The investors have to continue soliciting for new “investors” to keep the scheme afloat. By definition, this is a very simple fraud scheme. I suppose the congregation were not suspecting of the luxury style life he and his wife lived. Because of this some finances are surely unrecoverable. The Toronto police discovered money sent to an offshore account in Panama. Between the years of 2005 and 2010, approximately 200 people were scammed. Please folks, be aware of your associated circles.Folks lost their retirement, homes, life savings, and dignity.