Credit Card Fraud

My friends, I just received a phone call from someone posing as “Card Services” to help me lower my current credit card interest rate!  So, I went a bit further on the phone call trying to gather more information. A woman asked me for my card number.  As soon as I told her who I was she hung up. Then I proceeded to call back the same number, however, my call went directly to VISA. The VISA representative said the company already knows of this scam and politely told me that they do not engage in outbound calling and surely would not ask a customer for their card number. Hmmm….they already have THAT information!


TO DO: If you could get the caller’s name and the phone number of the call, please report this activity to your local police department’s Financial Crimes section and to your credit card company.

REMEMBER: Do not give out your credit card information over the phone, your creditors already have your personal information. When they ask you to verify your information, never give them your social security number. Use your phone number and possibly your birthday for verification.


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